christopher dorner*The Los Angeles Police Department recently concluded that rogue ex-officer Christopher Dorner was justifiably fired.

After conducting an internal review, civil rights attorney Connie Rice says the LAPD found no grounds for allegations of racism and bias that Dorner expressed in a manifesto vowing revenge on his former colleagues and their families.

The department explained in a statement the review had not been finalized.

“Any comments or conclusions about the contents of the review are premature,” it said. “The LAPD will announce the review once finalized.”

Police Commission President Andrea Ordin said the report still needed to go to the inspector general for review and then to the Police Commission.

Chief Charlie Beck ordered the review after Dorner was accused of killing the daughter of his former union lawyer and her fiance. The disgruntled ex-cop also released a manifesto vowing to get even for being unfairly fired because he was black.

Rice, a longtime department watchdog and frequent critic, was allowed to review the findings.

“The firing was justified and his allegations are completely unfounded,” said Rice, who spent two weeks reviewing the findings. “This guy needed to go. And the question was, even if he needed to go, did the LAPD get rid of him in a way that was illegitimate? And the answer for me was no.”

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