optical illusion building

Well known optical illusion artist Leandro Erlich’s new piece “Dalston House” immediately incited family participation in the East London neighborhood of Brickney on its opening day Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

*Artists do an important job in opening the eyes and minds of all that are willing to embark on a visual experience.

But, some artists take it a step further and involve their viewers into their work.

Leandra Erlich is a known optical illusionist who was commissioned by the Barbican in London to provide an installation of one of his popular art pieces.

The piece chosen is a Victorian home with protruding ledges at the windows for everyone of all ages to live out their Spiderman experience.

The photos taken at the location after Erlich’s completed the installation that opened in East London Wednesday, show families scaling the house…with the help of a ginormous mirror, according to ThisisCollossal.com