rasheeda & kirk

Rasheeda & Kirk (‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta)

*According to show producer Akini Jeffrey, Tuesday morning, it was all about “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” on the Streetz Morning grind hosted by Rashan Ali on Streetz 94.5.

First off, Nikko (Mimi’s boytoy) came in and revealed mucho “Love and Hip Hop” inside juice.

Among the Nikko nuggets: “I gave Mimi a used Rolex,” “Stevie J is the one that’s ‘gay’ and the car he gave Mimi was returned the next day to its rightful owner.”

Nikko also went on to say that Mimi wanted the threesome with Karlie Redd.

Later, Kirk and Rasheeda stopped by and the drama continued.

The morning show played a clip of Kirk and Rasheeda’s mom from the show and that sparked it all.

Kirk started off by saying that their marriage is not her mom’s business. His comment fired up Rasheeda who told him, “You sound like a fool.”

Kirk addressed it by going on to say he doesn’t trust her and the marriage is still not on good terms.

Yes, it’s a whole bunch of foolywang going down. You can watch it below.


Rashedda & Kirk: