willie ward

The Assistant District Attorney feels quite confident about the decision to imprison Willie Ward for 50 years over a slab of ribs, according to the above statement he made to the press and printed in the Waco Tribune.

*Texas is home to some of the most notorious criminals in government (not saying any names), yet they have the nerve to be one of the most least tolerant states when it comes to crime.

They will put you on death row in a heartbeat and will not let you rest there more than 10 years.  They take it seriously.

Willie Smith Ward is a Texas resident that has seen his troubles with the law, but judging from his past, he never thought he’d get 5 decades in prison for stealing.

And no, he didn’t steal a car, rob a bank, or pull off the jewelry heist of the century…HE STOLE A PACK OF RIBS!