jesse thornton

Jesse Thornton, 64, was pulled over by officers and arrested and charged for a DUI with no alcohol or drugs in his system in Surprise, Arizona.

*It’s hard to not use the term “racist” when certain stories hit the news with no other rhyme nor reason for the injustice committed against a black person…especially in small, remote cities in the U.S.

Jessie Thornton, 64, is a retired firefighter that moved to Surprise, Arizona, with his wife who works in the ER. He has adjusted his sleep schedule to her schedule, so he is regularly active at night.

But, the change in schedule has garnered him unwanted police attention and one night resulted in him being pulled over for driving over the white line in the road.

Well, he then found out why the town is named “Surprise” when the officer proceeded to arrest and charge him with a DUI with absolutely no alcohol in his system, nor impairment, according to ABC 7.