luo zilin & naomi campbell

Naomi Campbell in happier times with what some are calling her ex billionaire boyfriend’s new love, Luo Zilin, in their time together on Campbell’s show The Face.

*Remember when we were reporting stories of Naomi Campbell with her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin and she was going to anger management and jet setting around and he bought her an island and eco-friendly home in the shape of the eye of Horus?

Things were not just great, they were awesome!  ”Were” being the key word here.

Now the 50-year-old Vladimir has moved on to his next model conquest with half his age, Luo Zilin.

The stake in Naomi’s heart is that she chose Luo and mentored her on her new America’s Next Top Model-like show called The Face which airs on the Oxygen channel.

According to the Daily Mail, Vladimir is sorry for Naomi, but wishes she would move on with her life rather than try to end Luo’s career.