gilbert arenas

*Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was arrested and booked for possession of illegal fireworks early Thursday after police pulled him over for speeding and found them in his truck.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say Arenas was pulled over by California Highway Patrol around 2:30 a.m. in Los Angeles for speeding in a Ford pickup. Durig the stop, officers spotted the fireworks sitting in plain sight in the bed and cab of the truck.

We’re told Arenas was arrested and will be booked for possession of illegal fireworks, and cited for speeding. He was allegedly doing 80 mph and driving without a license.

It’s unclear exactly how much fireworks were in the truck, but it was enough that LAPD bomb squad was called to handle the illegal booty, TMZ reported. Paps for the website counted around 20 boxes being unloaded.

Arenas — whose last NBA team was the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2011-12 season — was infamously busted for gun possession when he brandished a loaded pistol in his Washington Wizards locker room back in 2010.