nene and greg leakes*NeNe Leakes wants her wedding guests to keep what went on during her big day this weekend, a secret.

NeNe will re-marry her ex-husband Gregg Leakes in a huge ceremony on Saturday
 at the Intercontinental Hotel. But the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is giving all of her guests’ very strict rules for the ceremony. reports attendees must sign a confidentiality agreement before witnessing NeNe’s nuptials.

Guests are being asked to be on their very best behavior for NeNe and Gregg’s big day. Those who attend can’t “be under the influence of any medication or drugs that might impair my physical or mental ability to engage in the Activity or that might impair my judgment while engaging in the Activity.”

In addition, the document requires guests to confirm that they are “in good health and have no medical, physical, or emotional condition that might interfere with my engaging in the Activity.”

Soon to be Mrs. Leakes again, she desires to be at the center of attention. The wedding, which will be held on June 22, is going to be apart of her Bravo wedding spin-off “I Dream of NeNe.” She doesn’t want any of the potential camera happy guests to try and bribe the network or the videographers into giving them extra screen time. “I represent and warrant that I gave nothing of value nor did I agree to give anything of value to anyone so I could be in the program,” the contract states.

On top of all the rules and regulations of the soon to be newlyweds, the couple wants there to be no politics involved in the event. “Not currently and during one (1) year from today do not intend to be a candidate for public office.”

Should any of guests break their agreement they’ll have more than just an angry bride on their hands. A breach of contract will coast the violators $50,000!