india.arie & oprah*On “Super Soul Sunday” on OWN, Oprah sits down with the multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, India.Arie.

India.Arie, whose missions is to “spread love, healing, peace and jon through the power of words and music,”, opens up about a series of setbacks that caused her to considering leaving the music industry.

Rock bottom came when she had to struggle between the demands of the business and he deep desire to express her soul’s song. The interview shows India talking about the unexpected controversy put her in spotlight as well as how she to was able to return to her spiritual roots. She feels she regained her energy while preparing a new album released and finding her identity again.

Ms. Arie is an artist who’s focus Is self-empowerment through her lyrics. But at one point she wasn’t living the same life she poured out into her song. So even with all of the success, selling ten million albums and earning four Grammy awards, India felt the best thing to do was to leave the industry in order to rediscover her spiritual roots.

It seems this journey back to her essence she was able to find her own inner voice. She made her way through illness and insecurity, then finally returned home; to her music. In the end we’re treated with a special musical performance from Arie’s new album, “SongVersation!’

Oprah’s conversation with India Arie continues on June 30 as the singer tells “How to Break Through.”

“Super Soul Sunday” airs at 11am E/P (10am Central) on OWN.

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