paula deen apology

*Food Network personality Paula Deen released a video statement this afternoon addressing the controversy over her acknowledged use of racist epithets.

However, by 4:10 EST it was removed without explanation. Then at 4:21, an expanded second video was posted. Both can be seen below.

This all started at 11:48 this morning with a tweet from Deen that read, “I will be releasing a video statement shortly.”

paula deen tweet jpg

Over an hour later, she posted the following:

That was eventually removed and replaced by a second video that included an apology to the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer. She backed out of her scheduled appearance Friday morning, citing exhaustion.

Watch the second video below.

Deen is being sued by former employees for what they describe as endemic discrimination and abuse. In a filmed deposition, the famous southern chef admitted to openly using the N-word, and even to planning on dressing African American waitstaff in plantation garb for a wedding.

Until now Deen had only spoken through her lawyer, stating that she “does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable.”