nicci gilbert-daniels*Unfortunately for “R&B Divas: Atlanta” reality star Nicci Gilbert, her days on the show may very well be numbered.

Her departure has been requested from several fans that signed an online petition to get her fired from the show.


There was talk that both Nicci and fellow cast mate Faith Evans were booted from the show. But much to the surprise of those who actually believed the rumors, both divas returned to the show for the second season.

It is the hope of some fans that if there is a third season of “R&B Divas” that it will commence without the presence of Ms. Gilbert. Apparently she is a little more negative and argumentative than the fans care to witness any longer.

Initially it was said to have been the producer Phil Thornton who started the request to have Nicci booted from the show, but one of Syleena Johnson’s fans, Glen Whitcroft, came forward to admit that he posted the petition.

For most people having your own reality show can serve as a great platform to start or revive a career. But it also serves as an open window into one’s personal life where people are free to pass judgment. Gilbert is learning first hand the downside of “keeping it real” on national television as she has obviously ruffled one too many feathers.

As witnessed on the show, Nicci didn’t hesitate to speak her mind when she learned of the petition:

Screen-shot-2013-06-17-at-8.49.05-AMScreen-shot-2013-06-17-at-8.49.22-AMScreen-shot-2013-06-17-at-8.50.16-AMScreen-shot-2013-06-17-at-8.50.28-AMScreen-shot-2013-06-17-at-8.50.34-AMAt what point does Nicci have to take responsibility for her actions rather than blaming the reaction of the public on the show’s editing?

On the other hand it could very well be the producer’s motive to paint her as the villain of the show. So it’s up to the public to decide whether her persona on the show is a direct reflection of who Nicci Gilbert really is or if it’s just all smoke and mirrors.

Judging by the petition it looks like they’ve made their decision.