sean benschope (mugshot)*Sean Benschope, the man accused of causing the deaths of six people after a building collapsed in Philadelphia earlier this week surrendered to police on Saturday.

Benschope, 43, has been charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter, 13 counts of recklessly endangerment, and one count of risking a catastrophe, police said.

Benschope had been working for Griffin T. Campbell, the contractor hired by property owner Richard C. Basciano to tear down a building next door to the Salvation Army thrift store.

On Wednesday, the remainder of that building collapsed onto the thrift store, trapping 20 people inside. According to a toxicology report, it is “reasonably scientifically certain” that Benschope was an “active recent user of marijuana.” Benschope has a long arrest record, including two terms in prison on drug charges in the 1990s.

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