2 chainz & joint

In photo uploaded by 2 Chainz, the rapper is seen smoking what appears to be a marijuana blunt

*Atlanta’s 2 Chainz is a blunt-smoking, syrup-sipping, molly-popping, jewelry-flaunting braggart. In other words, he’s just like any other rapper, only taller.

Recently Chainz made good on his claims of Promethazine usage, which resulted in police charging him with narcotics possession.

The rapper was freed after posting $10K bail yesterday.

It appears that Chainz is having a tough week (which includes attempted robbery), but he seems to be in good spirits. He recently used Twitter to set the record straight:

“Nobody took Anything from me, i didn’t get shot, I’m not in jail, Don’t know wut else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time.”

Trips to the slammer apparently won’t stop Chainz from indulging in one of America’s greatest, covert pastimes–smoking bud.

2 chainz sizzurp

Photo uploaded by 2 Chainz shows alleged bottle of Promethazine used to make sizzurp

According to TMZ, 2 Chainz posted footage on the social media site VINE on June 9 and June 10 (before the arrest) which show some questionable behavior.

In one photo, he’s seen puffing on a joint. But, this isn’t news. A few months back, TSA caught him at the airport with less than an ounce of weed (plus he tweeted about its potency).

In another 2 Chainz photo, there’s a table stacked with big “Polar Pop” cups and what appears to be a bottle of–you guessed it, Promethazine!

Talk about not learning your lesson (or caring, anyway).

It’s one thing to engage in bad behavior, it’s a whole other thing to promote it on social media. Now these pics may really bite him. Good luck pleading “Not Guilty” 2 Chainz.

Watch as TMZ confronts 2 Chainz as he’s leaving jail: