paula deen

*Paula Deen’s comments on “Today” about her experience at the wrong end of a gun during a 1987 bank robbery was supported by the man who committed the crime.

“I was surprised when I walked in and saw the lady that was the teller at the window, because I knew her from the downtown bank where I normally bank,” the alleged robber said in his account of the incident, according to the police report obtained by “Inside Edition.”

“I thought she would recognize me because there were some holes in the stocking covering my face. I can’t remember her name, but I know who she is,” Inside Edition reported the man said, citing the police report.

Deen told Matt Lauer on “Today” that she had used “the N-word” just once, and in reference to this incident, during which she said the man’s hand was shaking, which caused her to fear he had recognized her.

In a statement she made during a deposition for a harassment suit that’s been filed against her, Deen admitted that she has used the racial slur in the past. Food Network announced it was dropping her after that deposition was leaked, and Walmart and Caesars Entertainment severed ties with the TV celebrity cook after her “Today” interview.