miguel (billboard awards)*As far as being told by producers of the “Billboard Awards” TV show NOT to attempt flying leap that didn’t end well, Miguel says bump that! It didn’t happen. NOBODY warned him about doing the maneuver.

A rep for the singerl told TMZ: The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false.”

TMZ says a source close to Miguel told them that producers actually asked the singer if he was going to attempt the jump to make sure their cameras didn’t miss it during the show.

Earlier, we reported …

Report: Miguel was Ordered NOT to do Dangerous Jump by Show Producers

*Things are already looking bad for Miguel what with Khyati Shah, the woman he “leg dropped” on at the Billboard Music Awards, threatening to sue him for brain damage, now comes word that producers ordered him not to do the dangerous leap in the first place. But he did it anyway.

TMZ reports that the “Adorn” singer approached producers before rehearsals and asked if he could try to jump over the crowd during his performance, however producers weren’t feeling the idea and told the singer  it was just too dangerous and warned him not to do it.

But whenit came time for the performance, Miguel totally ignored the order  and producers’ fears were realized when he botched the jump and leg dropped Shah … slamming her head against the stage.

(You can see the incident happen in the videos posted below.)

Now,  as we reported earlier, the victim’s lawyer says she may have suffered a brain injury as a result … and a lawsuit could be on the way.

But according to Hollywood Life, Miguel, to his credit, is said to be more concerned about the health of Khyati Shah than a lawsuit according a source in the singer’s camp.

“I don’t think [a lawsuit is] on his mind. I think right now he’s just hoping the girl will be fine and not have any serious damage to her head.”

The source adds, “I know if he had to go back in time he wouldn’t have tried to pull that off. But it’s in the past now, nothing he can do. “

The source also explains how Miguel is feeling since the incident:

“He’s scared for that woman and can’t believe everything that went down. He’s in shock at it all and feels awful, really awful. That was not his intention to hurt anybody. All he wanted to do was have a big performance and do something that hasn’t been done and it went all bad for him.”

Watch the incident here:

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