stevie j and joseline*VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” features a cast full of oddballs, attention whores, drag queens, trollops, and wannabe performers.

The reality series is cable television’s premiere three-ringed circus, and two of its biggest clowns recently tied the knot in Puerto Rico.

Professional two-timing record-producer Stevie J and his new wifey Joseline Hernandez, the fiery, talentless chica from the block, recently exchanged nuptials, reports show.

Fans of the hit VH1 reality series are well aware of the bizarre love and affection that Stevie and Joseline have for one another, but surely, reports of them getting married have likely caught people off guard.

No word yet on whether the happy couple was intoxicated, or held at gun point, before fleeing “Hotlanta.” So at least for now, it’s probably safe to assume that yet another 60-second marriage is underway.

According to Media Take Out, the minister who presided over the ceremony has been ex-communicated from the church for making a mockery of God. Also, the judge who approved their marriage license is under investigation for drinking on the job and snorting blow between court cases.

In other words, if the sanctity of marriage wasn’t already dead, Steve J and Joseline’s union has made it official.

That’s right guys, the jig is up. Take those engagement rings back to the “jeweler” (wink, wink) and save your money. And ladies, you might as well scrap that 10 year, Vera Wang layaway plan.

According to a family friend, Stevie flew Joseline and her entire family to the island so that the pair could earn their stripes. Apparently, producers of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” had everyone in attendance sign a confidentiality agreement so that details of the wedding wouldn’t be leaked to the public.

However an insider had the following to say.

“They wedding was nice, but there were cameras everywhere and it was staged,” added the source.

At one point, producers reportedly had the minister hold off on the vows so that cameras could get a better view of Joseline. Expect a lot of drama to come from this latest piece of news.