melissa lawrence

Rhode Island mother, Melissa Lawrence, sics her dogs on reporter Abbey Niezgoda to get rid of her after refusing to be interviewed about her daughter’s shooting that occurred Sunday, June 2, 2013.

*We can all agree that a lot of reporters and, especially paparazzi, go too far to get their stories.

But when the public fights back against them, especially celebrities, they’re portrayed as violent and unruly.

Well one Rhode Island mother, Melissa Lawrence, is now a celebrity because she chose to resist reporter, Abbey Niezgoda, who was digging for a story on her 16-year-old daughter Ny’asia, who was shot at a kindergarten graduation party held at her home last Sunday, according to Rolling Out magazine.

Lawrence denied Niezgoda an interview, but the reporter for the local ABC channel was relentless in her effort to coax a quote and/or information out of the woman.

She finally got fed up with both Niezgoda and her cameraman and began to throw rocks (one hit the camera), grab a bat, and sic her dogs on them.

The pit bulls bit Niezgoda on the “forearm” and chased her down the street, but the cameraman never stopped rolling.