Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

*Summer fashion is on! Ladies get your pencils and take some notes about the dos and don’t of the ROMPER.

The trend is back in, and this time with a fierce vengeance. Rompers, a classic 70s jumpsuit often spotted in Blacksploitation movies or draped on blue-eyed fantasies like Farrah Fawcett, are among the most popular summer wear this season.

But not everyone looks good in them, well, mostly because some choose the wrong fit or pattern. Like jeans, there are different fits for different folks.

First and foremost, buy the correct size. We come in different sizes and shapes and just because your waist is a size 6 does not mean those hips and a** are going to fit in that little bitty jumpsuit. Short-rompers are hawt right now, which means the outfit is already cut short. If you’ve got a big boadonkadonk, fit yourself for a lengthier cut so the material actually covers your behind. You’re too grown for your cheeks to be falling out the sides of your shorts.

If you’re a busty woman, go for the V-necks and low cut rompers. They’ll extenuate your lovely lumps without making you look like a blob.

Those of you with more curves than a racetrack, they’ve got some sizes for you too boo. Plus-sized ladies have a place in the fashion world and deserve cute clothes too. Check out this great link for thick chicks’ rompers.

Colors and patterns are in. Enough said there. Don’t be afraid to get bold with your colors and patterns. It’s the right time to be out with it, so do it right and do it bold. But be wary of animal prints and graphic designs. Small florals and bright shades won’t steer you wrong. When in doubt, try a solid color and dress it up with cute accessories and shoes. Speaking of shoes, wedges and open toes look awesome with these simple outfits. Also, ankle boots, good for just about any season, will also get you the gold star of fashion for the day.

Rompers are for all occasions. The great thing about these nifty one-pieces is that the style is good for all types of occasions. For daywear, evening, date-night, party, or even some semi-formal events, a romper is a winner. It’s all about the way you dress it up and how you style yourself when you do wear it.

Take Kourtney Kardashian for example. Her salmon romper, subtly sprinkled with an offsetting pattern is dressed up with a blazer, a perfect addition for a more professional look. Without the blazer, it’d be great for casual wear. Again, the shoes can make a world of difference. Some slinky heels can make it a fabulous date outfit, while some casual flat sandals change it to a lax fit.

Happy shopping! Happy styling!