shaquille o'neal*Shaquille O’Neal dodged a huge legal bullet recently in the form of a woman named Vanessa Lopez.

In court, Lopez claimed that she was Shaq‘s mistress for five years before the two parted ways sometime around 2010.

Lopez says that Shaq continuously harassed her after the breakup, causing her to feel unsafe. However, despite Lopez’s bold accusations, the judge has dismissed the case, calling the plaintiff a “dirty liar.”

“[Lopez] lied often. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice,” the judge stated.

Among Lopez’s lies, the judge says Vanessa claimed she “did not know of” any previous restraining orders that had been issued against her, despite official records showing she was hit with one stemming from a case involving an ex-boyfriend.

The judge says there’s also proof she lied about her legal history with NBA veteran Kenyon Martin, who had accused her of stealing his credit card and running up charges.

Lopez’s lawsuit was dismissed on the basis of fraud on the court, with prejudice, meaning she can’t refile.

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Vanessa Lopez

Vanesa Lopez