simone smith*Simone Smith married rapper/actor LL Cool J, born James Todd Smith, almost 20 years ago.

While known as the lady who really loves James and the mother of four, Simone is about to show the world she is more than that.

The entrepreneur is launching her new jewelry line called SIS, Simone I Smith. Simone is also embarking on important anniversary as well.

Smith was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called chondorosarcoma back in 2004, which brought her entire family along with LL by her side on the road to recovery.

In her own words, Simone says, “I have a piece of jewelry, that when it’s purchased, proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society. The reason why I did that is because back in 2004, I had a very invasive surgery done because they found a chondrosarcoma tumor in my tibia bone. So I had an invasive surgery called microvasuclar reconstructive surgery, and they had to remove my whole tibia bone and replace it with my fibular bone from my left leg. It took me almost 2 1/2 years to learn how to walk again. I fought through it, so I was a little depressed for like about…two weeks…but my grandmother called me up and told me, ‘you better not be depressed and get prayed up for those doctors who are doing this surgery on you and you’re gonna beat this.’ So I prayed to God and since then my test results have been great.”

This year marks the ninth anniversary of Simone being cancer free.

Ms. Simone cites her trinity for inspiration as God, her husband and her children.

“We are a family who believes in working hard and pursuing our dreams.”

Watch as Simone Smith shares her cancer story: