kimberly mccarthy

Kimberly McCarthy, 52, is the 500th inmate to be executed on Texas’ death row, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

*Texas is known for having a no nonsense approach to their inmates on death row.

They ensure that those convicted and placed on death row are indeed dealt their punishment without a lengthy ride on death row.

Kimberly McCarthy, 52, was executed by a lethal injection of pentobarbital, Wednesday, June 26, and pronounced dead at 6:37 pm.

She was on death row for the brutal 1997 murder and robbery of her 71-year-old neighbor, retired professor Dorothy Booth.

We reported in January that she had received a reprieve from death at that time because, according to her attorney, a predominantly white jury was “improperly selected on the basis of race.”

Out of 12 jury members, 11 of them were white.