michael vick (bad game - bad day)*Dang. Even five and a half years after Philadelphia Eagles quarterback  Michael Vick’s dog fighting scandal, the NFL star is still being tackled by remnants of his past.

Vick’s alleged ex-lover/mistress, Bella Escritor, has come forward with a tell-all book about the football player’s life titled “Quarterback Keeper.” The book sets out to unfold “secrets that will shock the world” about the things he’s done and been through as well as how he tortured pit bulls.

“The book itself is not a relationship tell-all but an eyewitness account of what was seen, heard and lived during a ten year period of knowing Vick,” Bella Escritor told RadarOnline.com.

“The book includes romantic moments… the relationship started out as lovers and over time developed into a family, best friend ordeal.”

To distinguish any doubts of her claim to having a past relationship with Vick, she provided Radar with letters sent back and forth between the two postmarked for a federal prison Kansas Leavenworth in Kansas. The letters also showcasing an inmate number said to be Vick’s.

This relationship, if true, was definitely shielded from the public, as Michael Vick, married his longtime girlfriend Kjafa Frink in 2012. But Escritor insists that during the relationship, both women knew of the other and didn’t have a problem with the circumstances. Or so she thought.

“It was only years later that I found out that was not the case,” Escritor said.

“In the book, you will find out that Kijafa and I engaged in conversations towards the end. The book is not a sexual tell-all, nor is the intent of the book to bash Vick in any way.

“But I was there for scandals, games, road trips, parties, etc. Yes, I know things involving the NFL loop that will be in the book. These are things and experiences I know that have not yet been shared with the rest of the world. People assume I’m a groupie, mistress, or just plain out to hurt Mike. None of that is true.”

“The book humanizes Mike but does not allow him to play victim when he was in the wrong,” according to Escritor.

Meanwhile, Bella Escritor is attempting to raise more $20 thousand via Kickstarter in order to release the self-published book, which according to her project page on her website, will provide the media with a “field day with this novel once it is written and the secrets of this quarterback are made public knowledge.”

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