usain_bolt(2012-with-medal-wide)*Usain Bolt is growing weary of breaking all time sprinting records (if there are any more left for him to pursue).

Then again, what else should a man with superhuman speed do, deliver newspapers in record time? No matter, Bolt will eventually have to find solace when he retires from Olympic competition.

But don’t walk away so soon young fella.

The fastest man on the planet (outside of a crackhead) projects the 2016 Olympics in Rio will be his last ride, even if he dominates like before. Bolt is already calling himself a “living legend” after winning three golds in London last summer. Now he’s planning for the final stages of his career.

“I think I have four more years left in the sport, so now it’s all about dominating for those four years,” Bolt told reporters Wednesday. “I’m looking forward to the next Olympics to do something that’s never been done before. That’s one of my biggest goals right now.”

He continued, “And for the next four years I will try to dominate the sport and show people that it’s possible to go on being the best, year in, year out.”

Bolt will turn 30 just after competing in the 2016 Games, which isn’t old by any stretch of the imagination. However, Bolt has been looking to do more with his life since Beijing.

He’s hinted at a soccer career with Manchester United, though that seems unlikely. And apparently he’s an excellent cricket player, so that’s an option. For now, Bolt is focused on Rio, and more immediately Rome, where he’ll face Justin Gatlin at a Diamond League meet Thursday. Gatlin aint no slowpoke. But Bolt doesn’t seem concerned.

“[Gatlin has] proven this season he’s getting into great shape, but I don’t worry about other athletes. Only myself. One-off runs are not the main thing for me. I’m worried about doing my best at the championships.