Usher in a scene from the short “Looking 4 Myself” Presented By Samsung 

*Usher has taken time away from mentoring singers on NBC’s “The Voice” to star in a new Samsung-produced short in which he fights a dual version of himself…with Samsung products prominently displayed in the background, of course.

The Rich Lee-directed clip, titled “Looking 4 Myself,” has a down-to-earth Ursh battling his celebrity-driven persona.

“This gave me an opportunity to put a face to a song that I love,” he told of the film. “The short is about basically the two sides of my personality: the dichotomy of who I am as an entertainer, a relationship gone bad because of who I am as an entertainer.

“Here I am, in front of the television, kind of maneuvering through it in my apartment, and my alter-ego shows up and we battle. We battle doing a series of uniquely created choreography that uses some of the movement that you use to operate the TV.”

Watch in its entirety below.