madge evans & jeff friday

Madge Evans & Jeff Friday

*South Beach, Miami – During this year’s 17th annual American Black Film Festival (ABFF) held June 19th-23rd, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Jeff Friday, founder of the organization.

An innovator, a leader, a visionary … all are appropriate attributes which can be used to describe Friday. He is the creative driving force with a tenacious spirit that spearheaded what has become one of the leading, premier film festivals dedicated to African Americans and people of African descent.

In my brief but enlightening interview with him, Jeff Friday discussed what his impetus was in creating the ABFF, which was the culmination of not only his desire to see more African Americans portrayed in a positive light in the film industry, but also to be the one who could provide them with the platform to do just so.

From screenwriters to actors to directors to producers, Jeff Friday has provided a forum for all these creatively inspired talents to come together in a space where inventiveness, artistry, and productive verbal exchange of ideas are openly welcome. Their excitement at the ABFF fueled by a desire to showcase their talents in formats varying from documentaries, to short films, to music videos to full length features.

When asked about what, (if anything), could add to the ABFF’s attractiveness, Friday commented on how he would like to incorporate a children’s oriented program, promoting positivity because in so many cases in today’s society, “we lose are kids younger than we think we do.” To bring together a production crew of producers and writers to create “mainstream,” age appropriate material for our youth would be fulfilling for Friday.

Jeff Friday is at the top of his game as the creator of the ABFF which prompts thousands of festival-goers to descend upon South Beach, Miami for the 5 day film festival filled with numerous screenings and an array of speakers during various classes, seminars, and panels with this year’s guest speakers being actor Bill Duke, Master class presenter, director Reggie “Rock” Bythewood (Biker Boyz, Notorious), and actor Anthony Anderson, just to name a few.

We thank Jeff Friday for taking time out of his busy schedule and allowing us to interview him.  Congratulations Mr. Friday on the success of the 17th annual ABFF and we look forward to next year’s festival!!!!!

Madge Evans ([email protected]) covers entertainment and social events in the Atlanta area and the Southeast for EURweb.