rena price & sons & lawyer

Rena Price flanked by her sons Marquette Frye (right) and stepson Ronald, (left) during a state Senate hearing in August 1965. (Los Angeles Times)

*It’s unfortunate that so many history lessons we could’ve learned from the very people who were living and/or a part of  instrumental periods of our history aren’t known until after they are gone.

Although, we’ve been privy to the statistics of the Watts Riots of 1965, where for “six turbulent days that left 34 dead, thousands injured and millions of dollars in property damaged or destroyed,” but many of us, never really heard an extensive interview with Rena Price, who along with her sons, became the poster child for the inception of the infamous riots.

But now Rena Price has passed on of natural causes at the age of 97, and her story passes with her.