chadwick boseman*We are totally excited about Marvel’s upcoming production of the Black Panther, the premiere Black comic book character coming from the company’s repertoire.

While we don’t really know who is cast to play the main role, Morris Chestnut made a little noise recently over his social media pages, yapping it up about the movie.

But his chatter quickly disappeared from Facebook and Twitter, maybe because he got in trouble with the execs?

Who knows?

Latino Review, however, thinks they’ve got the choice narrowed down; with an eye on newcomer Chadwick Boseman, the rising star of  “42.”

The movie did extremely well, and has the earning power of $100 million, sources say.

It was Boseman who made it classic.

While these observations are merely that, others that were projected include Wesley Snipes and Michael Lai White.

Who do you think should get the part?