gay rappin teens

Young black boys rapping about giving ‘blow jobs’ hit the internet with fury and controversy through Tj Sotomayor’s YouTube channel.

*At this point, we realize in today’s society that more people than ever before are more open about their sexuality.

But society has never been comfortable (and probably never will be) about young people and sex, open or not. But to top it off with young people who are gay that choose to RAP ABOUT HAVING ORAL SEX! This is bound to cause trouble…and it has.

Since the NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay, others have found the courage to step forward and be themselves.

But a group of young boys who taped themselves making a vulgar video about gay oral sex has hit the internet and the controversy is off and running.

One guy who is a popular commentator on YouTube that goes by Tj Sotomayor even blamed their black mothers for their display. Really?

The caption he placed under the video to start the discussion reads: Teen Boys Rap About Blowing Domes! Is Homo-Thuggin The New Trend?