tameka raymond*TMZ is all up in Tameka Raymond‘s business again and we’re here to report what they’re reporting.

The gossip site says Usher’s ex recently lost a battle with her former landlord for past rent and now owes over $200,000!!!

Tameka was battling her former landlord, who claimed she owed nearly $50,000 in back rent for three retail spaces in a Georgia complex where she ran her business.

Tameka argued it was her landlord who broke the lease and the case should be tossed, but a judge did not see it that way AT ALL … and ordered Tameka pay up $186,036.50 in principal and $18,628.65 in attorney fees ….. for a grand total of $204,665.15.


It’s unclear why Tameka Raymond was ordered to pay so much.

TMZ says they called her for comment, but never heard back.