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“There have been a lot of conferences dedicated to the technical aspects…but this is the first one dedicated to the actual creators of the new content that is going to be placed on all of these devices.” – Diane Blackmon Bailey, Founder 2SGC

*Get ready! The most innovative conference of its kind is headed your way; and the nonprofit educational, entertainment media organization bringing it to you is on a mission: To create awareness of and appreciation for Computer Generated Illustration, web-digital, science, and other pop-culture art-forms and technologies. EURweb publisher, Lee Bailey, spoke with 2nd Screen Global Con founder, Diane Blackmon Bailey, about the 2-day conference and her genuine enthusiasm about the upcoming event could not have been more clear.

“Our conference is dedicated to the content creators, developers, the independent filmmakers, the artists, [and] the computer-generated graphics people,” says Blackmon Bailey. “And we’re coming together to discover and explore how to monetize, if you will, this new industry. There have been a lot of conferences dedicated to the technical aspects of it, but this is the first one dedicated to the actual creators of the new content that is going to be placed on all of these devices.”

The conference, which will take place at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills on August 23 and 24, is quite ambitious; with an iCON “Innovation” Awards Scholarship Luncheon (an elaborate Awards program hosted by Josefa Salinas from Hot 92.3 – FM) ; seminars, panelists, an opening night reception, gaming, and a family-friendly ‘Hollywood Nights’ pool party. The group has also partnered with JPL and NASA and a engineer from the aeronautics company will speak during the Icons luncheon on  “How science fiction meets science fact.”


“It is an industry event…But what we’ve tried to do is a community outreach, and tie in the animation and entertainment industry executives, creators, [and] producers, Blackmon Bailey explains. “We’ve got Francis Glebas (DreamWorks – Disney) who is not only an innovator, but a pioneer… We’re going to be giving him an Icon award and he’s going to be speaking on a panel and joining seminars to talk about how to develop film and programming for the new 2nd screen devices. We’ve partnered with Disney, DreamWorks and a lot of the independent television companies, independent media.”

“It’s…totally open to the public,” Diane continues. “Its family-friendly, we have ‘zones’…we have a zone we call “Small World,” and we’ll have young people that are in the industry that will be speaking on panels. We have Perry Chen, he’s a Kid Animator and Producer, and a film critic. We have a zone that will have games for the kids to play. There will be a ‘Hollywood Nights’ pool party that is family-friendly; and…what we’re calling Studio City Expo [where] there is rising young stars and showcases..vendors and demonstrations, and animation artists who will be drawing and presenting right there on the floor.”

2SGC Founder, Diane Blackmon Bailey

2SGC Founder, Diane Blackmon Bailey

Blackmon Bailey, along with some of her entertainment industry friends, are mentors to up and coming future professionals or “newbies” as they call them.

“We’re reaching out to the universities like (CalState) Northridge. We’re giving a scholarship to their Viscom Department, (headed by professor Dave Moon). We’re also creating and developing internships and job training; trying to increase diversity in the industry. We have a Work Studies program, Artist Development, a Graphic Design Farm System,” enthuses Blackmon Bailey, who was once married to Lee Bailey. The two remain great friends and supporters of each other. In fact, Mr. Bailey will moderate on the Digital Media panel.

Blackmon Bailey says 2nd Screen Global Con is educating on two levels.

“We’re educating those that are in the industry about this new 2nd Screen phenomena, and we’re also trying to educate and bring forward a new group of  animation, entertainment, digital peoples in a farm system type of way.”

Obviously, a project of this magnitude doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Generally, it is inspired by something deeply personal; and this assumption was not lost on Diane.

“The inspiration [to do this] came to me from the passing of my mother,” she confesses. “I was kind of drowning in sorrow and she kind of spoke to me and said ‘let’s put something together that’s inspirational, and [involves] community outreach,’ and give me something to think of on a positive vain.

The public is invited to attend both days of the 2-day event; however, most of the family-friendly activities will take place on Saturday, August 24. The industry-geared portion offering seminars and a reception, will be on Friday, August 23rd.

“Although we’re trying to put together a very entertaining event, we want it to also be educational and we’re trying to stimulate our young people to get more involved in science and math,” Diane offers.

Here’s a taste of the awards that will be presented at this exciting event:

iCon Innovator of the Year, Award presented to: Francis Glebas

iCON Jr. Innovator of the Year — Perry Chen, Kid Animator, Film & Entertainment Critic.

iCON “Science Innovator” of the Year Award – Lorrain Grey, Charles Drew Science Academy –

Top 10 – West San Fernando Valley, Innovative Schools of the Year – 2013

Pierce College — Woodland Hills CA.
Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School — Woodland Hills CA.
Welby Way Charter Elementary — West hills CA.
Louisville All Girls High School — Woodland Hills CA.
Multi Cultural Learning Center — Canoga Park CA.
Winnetka Avenue E.S. — Canoga Park CA.
Lycee International — Tarzana CA.
Coutin School — Canoga Park CA.
Sherman Oaks Center for Enrichment Studies — Reseda CA

…and the “2013 Roberta Perry Inspirational Scholarship”will be presented to: 

VISCOM – Center for Visual Communication – CaliforniaStateUniversity, Northridge

To learn more about the event, and order tickets, visit www.2ndscreenglobal.com or email Ms. Blackmon Bailey at [email protected] for info or tickets to the Icon Awards Conference.