50 cent*Recently, 50 Cent  told Hartford, CT radio station Hot 93.7 that he offered words of wisdom to young, up and coming artist Chief Keef (pictured below) which he ignored.

“The Chief Keef project is the 50 Cent project. It’s the same project,” 50 Cent told DJ Jenny Boom Boom regarding the similarities between himself and Keef. He fears that Keef will allow his growing rap sheet to overshadow and potentially sabotage his rap career.

“He’s completely influenced by his environment, but that’s the nightmare,” 50 Cent continued, comparing Keef’s legal battles with ones he fought earlier in his own career. “I actually was attracted to the Chief Keef thing because I was like, I can help him. I know what to do. He didn’t listen, so I wouldn’t actually offer (what was said) to the general public. To reach out to him and actually talk to him, I did that. He’s a man, a young man. My son is a year younger than him. So when I’m talking to him, he don’t have to take it. I’m not his father, that’s his business.”

50 Cent continued: “There are certain things I look at and go, if you play your hand this way, it could be good. If you go them other ways, you’re going to have a hard time, man. Those bumps in the road are there for you. You’re not exempt.”

In other news, 50 Cent shared with the station that he is working on no less than four new TV shows, including one focused on giving opportunities to high school drop-outs for the Sundance channel, a reality show for VH1 as well as an animated series for the FOX network adapted from his 2011 young-adult novel about bullying, “Playground.”

He also promoted the Connecticut boxing match that was presented by his company SMS Promotions on July 5.

“I opened a gym in Las Vegas,” the rapper said regarding his growing stable of boxers, which currently numbers at six. “It’s a training facility out there…I created the best possible environment for them to discipline themselves physically.”

With all the activity going on with 50 Cent’s own ventures and the recent changes taking place at his label, he is not trying to rush towards setting a release date for his next album until some of the dust settles.

“There have been so many staff changes at Interscope that it makes me uneasy to put my project out at the moment, because I want them to get comfortable in their positions,” he explained. “I don’t want to be the guinea pig.”

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