Ashanti-20121*Many women in their 30s are thinking about starting families and 32-year-old Singer Ashanti is no different.

“I definitely want to get married and I definitely want to have kids. I want to have a lot of kids,” she recently told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

But she is not rushing into motherhood until she has built her empire which includes more acting and singing.

“I’m very family-oriented. I think that’s why [I’m] focusing now to create that stability,” explained Ashanti.

Photos suggested he singer was romantically linked to rapper Nelly at one point but the two never confirmed a relationship. So Jamie tried to get the truth on the nature of their friendship.

Jamie: Would you ever date someone in the entertainment industry again?

Ashanti: You used that term “again.”

Jamie: [laughs] You guys are so slick.
Ashanti: Let me see: For me, it’s about who that person is. If I happen to make a bond with someone in this industry, cool. If it happens to be someone that is a pirate [laughs], that’s cool, too.

Jamie: So did you all go together and you broke up or what? Were you ever an item?
Ashanti: [laughs] I’mma get you Nelly’s number so you and him can have that interview.

devar hurd

Devar Hurd

In other, more serious Ashanti news, an Illinois man who served jail time for stalking  Ashanti has been indicted in New York for doing it again.Prosecutors say Devar Hurd was indicted Friday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. He violated an order of protection when he sent more than 100 tweets to the singer’s Twitter account between Sept. 2012 and last weekend.

His bail was set at $750,000. He is expected to be arraigned sometime next month.

In Feb. 2010 the 35-year-old was sentenced to two years in jail for sending a battery of text messages and photos to Ashanti’s mother. Prosecutors said Friday some of his tweets were sexually explicit.

Hurd’s attorney did not respond to a message seeking comment.