man knocked out

Man uses N-word on black man at Benny’s Burritos gets knocked the **beep** out!

*For some reason, losers like Rush Limbaugh and others watched Rachel Jeantel’s interview with Piers Morgan and are pretending they received a real education on the use of the N-word and a license to use it.

While she explained HER OPINION on the differing definitions between the N-word with an “a” versus its use with an “er,” somehow, even with her warning on the “er” usage, it still didn’t register that this remains to be a lethal use of the word.

An unidentified white man–who obviously lost his job to a black person–got his wires crossed as he drowned his sorrows in beers at Benny’s Burritos in Manhattan and decided to call a black man an n-word…with the “er”  and ended up in one.

The black man on the receiving end of the word, Douglas Reddish, as expected, knocked the white man out and was arrested and released on his recognizance, according to the New York Daily News.