Dee Liner (left) and friends flash cash on Instagram

*He’s supposed to be a college athlete on scholarship, but freshman Alabama defensive lineman Dee Liner made a truly rookie move when he posted an image on Instagram of himself and others fanning a palm full of cash, with the hashtag “#StruggleOverWit.”

Needless to say, the image did not go over well on social media.

After the above image was captured and reported by Joe Student of Busted Coverage, backlash exploded and Liner has since deleted the picture. But now folks are asking where the young athlete got all that cash.

According to BleacherReport:

No one seems to know, but the image throws a twist into the bigger picture at hand for Liner, who decommitted from Auburn in January to play for the Crimson Tide.

Also adding to the eyebrow-raising image are tweets sent out from Liner’s Twitter account, where the young man repeatedly mentioned how much money he has these days.

Busted Coverage also spotted a tweet (now deleted) where Liner wrote about giving his money to family members.

The tweet read: “I’m doing better than I EVER did! Now I can give big bills to my relatives!”

It’s yet to be seen how/if the NCAA approaches Alabama in light of this image and if there will be an ensuing investigation.

What we do know, however, is that for Liner—a kid yet to have played a single down of college football—the struggle has just begun.