new era baptist church*The Zimmerman verdict was a return to Jim Crow justice.

The ONLY solid evidence in this case was that Zimmerman stalked, approached, and killed an innocent Black child. That was proven.

Everything else was simply the word of a murderer trying to justify his crime. We didn’t have to prove that Zimmerman committed the crime. That was a fact in evidence. Thus, it was then up to ZIMMERMAN to prove that there were mitigating circumstances that justified his committing the crime, otherwise, he would have simply gone to jail. Thus, the case boiled down to who the jury chose to believe, a murderer trying to get off the hook, or their lying eyes, and due to their racist attitudes toward Black males, they chose to believe the murderer, in spite of the fact that every act he engaged in prior to the murder was improper. So it was a racist verdict – period.

To all those who are trying to bend reality and common sense by saying that the jury merely followed the law and jury instructions and came to a completely objective and color-blind verdict, I simply say the following. If that were indeed the case, it would be a matter of record that Black people and Whites get equal justice under the law, but every statistical study ever done on our judicial system clearly shows that’s the case.

All laws and jury instructions are open to interpretation. That’s why we have juries. In this case, this jury, chose to believe that Fred Flintstone actually existed and graduated from Yale in the Spring of 21000 B.C., and every non-racist, clear-thinking in America knows that, so you might as well stop trying to debate the issue . . .  Get MORE at Watree.

Eric L. Wattree is a writer, poet, and musician. He’s also the author of “A Message From the Hood.” Contact him at [email protected]

eric wattree

Eric Wattree