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The cast of ‘The Game’

*The Hollywood Reporter revealed last month that BET’s “The Game” exploited social media to generate hype. At the center of the story was Stacey Mattocks who filed a lawsuit against the network.

Mattocks had struggled with BET over her Facebook fan page which was created in 2008 that she used to help get the show back on the air after being cancelled from CW.

By the time BET picked up the show, it had 750,000 “likes.” As BET prepared to debut the show, the Facebook page helped create “buzz,” and grew at approximately 100,000 likes per week.

For her work, Mattocks says that BET agreed to pay her $30 per hour to work as a social media “freelancer.”

But the network wanted more.

“BET was searching for a more ‘permanent’ way to capitalize on the FB Page and Mattocks’ efforts,” says the lawsuit. “Therefore, on December 15, 2010, BET submitted a proposed contract to Mattocks that would have paid her a maximum of $85,000.00 over a one year period. Mattocks declined this offer because it was unreasonably low, would have stripped her of all rights to the FB Page, and, moreover, could have been terminated at any point by BET, with or without cause.”

The network was “undeterred,” says the plaintiff, and BET “wined-and-dined” her for weeks leading up to the show’s premiere.

The series premiered as the second-most-watched program in BET’s 30-year history and her Facebook page had reached 3.3 million likes.

According to the complaint, “In newspaper and magazine articles, Mattocks was credited by BET executives for playing a critical role in reviving interest in the show and making it a massive success with viewers.”

But Mattocks refused to transfer ownership of her Facebook page to BET and on Feb. 8, 2011, she alleges that Facebook disabled her account.

The drama continues at the Hollywood Reporter.

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Stacey Mattocks fights for her Facebook page that supported bringing The Game back to television and brought record breaking viewership to BET.