beyonce naked*Whoooweee! Would you like to see Beyoncé naked?!

Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place. But,  needless to say, this recent development is going to give her haters more fodder to fire at her.

We suppose an argument can be made that her nude photo on the cover of Flaunt isn’t gratuitous, but artistic. And we’re sure that argument won’t fly with some.

None the less it’s a done deal. BTW, if the photo looks familiar, according to the Huffington Post, it and others in the piece, were reportedly featured in Beyoncé’s “Year of 4” documentary, which debuted back in 2011. We don’t know why Flaunt is using the photos now, but hey, who’s complaining … except her haters?

In the issue, Bey opens up about being a gay icon, where she’d like to make out with Jay-Z, and the one piece of clothing she can’t live without, amongst a list of other random topics.

Here’s an excerpt:

The fifth album of her solo career has been in the works since summer of 2012, when she was in collab conversations with the likes of The-Dream, Timbaland, and Sia. Bits of the songs have been released via Pepsi commercials (Beyoncé’s been tight with the soda brand since endorsing them in 2002) and clothing line H&M promos, but Beyoncé won’t put her stamp on the album until she likes it, and that’s not until it’s dip-it, pop-it, shake-it, drop-it perfect. When you’ve sold 75 million records worldwide and won 17 Grammys, what choice is there?

Perfectionism, though, is a high-stakes game. “There’s something really stressful about having to keep up with that,” Beyoncé told her fans in her recent autobiographical film Life Is But a Dream, which, in true Beyoncé do-it-all fashion, she directed and executive produced. “You can’t express yourself, you can’t grow.”

Surprisingly, the remark comes off as rather genuine; sure, it’s a plea for people to empathize with one half of a billionaire couple, but it’s a legitimate grievance. To keep the critics at bay and tabloids starved for dirt, Beyoncé has to behave every day in top form. There can be no flying off the rails, no emotional breakdowns. She can’t afford a wardrobe malfunction, or a public gaffe spoken into a mic accidentally left on. What Life Is But a Dream intends to prove is that Beyoncé is human—and it does, to an extent. As Billboard said of the film: “The well-oiled, media-trained, hit-making machine has a heart. And it’s huge.”

Check out Beyoncé’s sexy cover below and click here to read the full interview and see more photos.

beyonce naked