Gina Marie and Candice face off on the "Big Brother 15" live feed, July 11, 2013

Gina Marie and Candice face off on the “Big Brother 15” live feed, July 11, 2013

*Racial tensions boiled over in the “Big Brother” house last night – sparked in part by chief racist, Aaryn, flipping over the bed of African American houseguest Candice.

There aren’t enough beds for all of the houseguests, which has forced them to share sleeping space. Candice claimed a bed early in the evening, but when she left the room, Aaryn flipped it onto the floor and the two became engaged in an argument.

It was at that point that Aaryn then began using a “ghetto” accent, snapping her fingers while asking, “Whatcha gonna do girl? …Class girl? …Where’s yo’ class?”

GinaMarie jumped in asking Candice if she wanted to see her “black come out.”

Howard, a black houseguest who works as a youth counselor, literally carried Candice out of the room and de-escalated the situation, urging her to rise above the comments. Watch a recap from TMZ, followed by the raw footage below.

Watch the unedited clip below. The drama with Candice begins at 2:00

The comments concerning race have offended some viewers, including the show’s own host Julie Chen, an Asian- American, who previously addressed the issue on her other series, CBS’ “The Talk.”

On Thursday night’s episode of “Big Brother,” Chen once again addressed the issue and how it has affected the contestants’ lives inside the house.

After several of the houseguests discussed Aaryn’s past remarks, Amanda urged her to be more mindful of what she says. Aaryn wasn’t having it, displaying no remorse and refusing to back down from her previous statements.

“I’m not even going to acknowledge it because it’s the biggest joke,” Aaryn said, pointing out that she has often been made fun of by the houseguests for being “a blonde Barbie.”

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.