julie chen big bro racism

Julie Chen (R) discusses “Big Brother” racism this season on “The Talk” (July 8, 2013)

*“Big Brother” host Julie Chen used her CBS daytime show “The Talk” to offer her take on the reality show’s ongoing racism controversy.

“When I first heard that Aaryn [Gries], who is a 22-year-old girl, made anti-gay, anti-black and anti-Asian comments, I have to be honest, the Asian ones hit me the most. I heard about her describing Asians as ‘squinty-eyed’ and ‘go make a bowl of rice,’ ” Chen said on Monday’s episode, referencing comments Gries made about Helen Kim, an Asian-American contestant.

“It stung. I took it personally; I’m a human being,” Chen continued. “The really sad part was it took me back to the ’70s when I was growing up in Queens and when I was 7 years old being bullied being called a chink and people pulling their eyes. But it took me back so many years and I thought to myself: Wow I haven’t heard comments like that. The year is 2013 … and then I felt ignorant. Wow, there are people who still live in this country who feel that way and act that way. Yes, there is. Yes, there is. And afterward, it just made me sad because she’s 22 and she’s college-educated.”

“The Talk” co-host Sara Gilbert commented on CBS’ decision to air Gries’ comments in the July 7 episode. “I feel like it’s good for people to see it and let these people deal with these consequences when they get out of the house,” she said.

Gries is one of three houseguests under fire for insensitive comments made in the house during the 90-day competition. The Texas resident has since been dropped by her modeling agency and lost a gig with Bella Petite magazine.

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