paula deen*This one’s straight outta the “what the hey-all” files …

Contrary to what some may have assumed, apparently not all African Americans are against Paula Deen after she admitted during a deposition to using the N-word in the past.

After losing a number of big time endorsements such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart as well as her deal with Ballantine Books, it seemed that everyone wanted to distance themselves from her. But we’ve learned that a group called Black People For Paula plan to come together in the middle of Times Square to support Deen and chant, “We Forgive You, Paula Deen.”

Although most of them still agree her choice in words was poor and offensive they want to send a message to Deen that “the African-American community” forgives her.

Check out their press release below:

The word Paula used was horrible. S​he has admitted that what she said was wrong and hurtful. She gave an extremely heartfelt apology and I forgive her, my family forgives her and the African American community forgives her. We have all made at least one mistake that we wish never happened. Paula Deen should not have to continue to suffer for one mistake.

Myself and over 100 of my friends are gathering in New York city on Friday, August 16, 2013 to have a “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” rally in Times Square right outside of the Good Morning America studio during the 7AM filming hour.  We want everyone to see that that Black people are for Paula and that we accept her apology. Black leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have forgiven Paula. The Black community has forgiven Paula, it’s time for us all to open our hearts and give this good woman a second chance.

We want to have a huge banner made saying “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” and pink T-shirts made saying “BLACK PEOPLE FOR PAULA”. We also want to put together a

“WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” signing book, that’s a book compiled of positive comments about Paula Deen you send us and we are going to send a copy to Paula and to the the companies that have chosen to prematurely brake ties with her.

The Black community is with you Paula and we are going to let the world know!

Hmm, wonder if they’ll be in blackface and do lil’ buck dancing to show Paula their love for her. Just wondering.

Remember, it going down this Friday, August 16 in Times Square, right outside “Good Morning America” in the 7am hour.