man tries to steal service dog

Unidentified idiot attempts to steal woman’s service dog off of a Toledo, Ohio, city bus, Monday, July 22, 2013.

*Now there’s plenty of thieves out there that take every avenue possible to taking your stuff! But, this attempted theft is the worst of the worst.

On a city bus in Toledo, Ohio, a man appears to make his way to the front of the bus to exit when all of a sudden his true intent is revealed.

As he exits, a service dog blocks the aisle and the man tippy toes over the dog very carefully.  A woman with cerebral palsy is holding the dog’s leash, when the man makes a bold attempt to STEAL HER SERVICE DOG!

He reaches down and attempts to snatch the leash out of her hands!  Are times really that hard?  What are you going to do with her dog?