morris chestnut*During his time hosting a part for this year’s Essence Music Festival, actor Morris Chestnut opened up about his experience as a dark-skinned man in Hollywood with Hello Beautiful.

After Gabrielle Union shed light on the discrimination that dark-skinned women experience in Hollywood, Chestnut was asked if dark men faced the same challenges. “You’re talking to the right person because when I was coming up, it was all about Prince, Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson. So it was really difficult for me coming up. Matter of fact, my first production company was called ‘Dark Skin Productions,’ because it was difficult breaking in. And then, Wesley Snipes broke through and he opened it up for us dark-skinned brothers. Some of my boys, Shemar Moore, they’re light-skinned and they get theirs too. There’s enough for everybody.”

Chestnut is set to star in the new movie “The Best Man: Holiday” later this year.

Hello Beautiful asked, “What has been your favorite scene to film in The Best Man 1 and 2, and why?”

“There was a scene in the first one with the bachelor party. We had a good time that day. Just because all of the fellas were having a good time to see each other laugh, that’s it! [laughs] No, it was the card scene. We rehearsed that scene a lot before we shot it and once we shot it, things started happening organically. And we had a really good time and it ended up with myself and Terrence going at each other and that kind of just happened, so it was a favorite.”

“The second movie we had a great time at the pool scene with Eddie. It’s like a mob shakedown kind of scene. We did at the spur of the moment. Terrence Howard came up with it because he was high. And it worked. You’ll see him smoking in the movie.”

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