ara lynn wilson & chris noth*Actor Chris Noth opened up during an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the backlash he received for marrying a black woman.

Noth is famous for his roles in “Sex in the City,” “Law & Order” and “The Good Wife,” but we are rarely given any first hand insight on his personal life.

After marrying his longtime girlfriend, actress Tara Lynn Wilson, Noth was met with tons of opposition toward his interracial relationship, which included people sending them racist hate mail.

“When I was in a play on Broadway two years ago I’d occasionally get letters of outrage, usually from somewhere in Alabama or something, saying y’know, ‘Don’t come down here with your wife,’” he said.

In the future Noth hopes that the world moves towards a more open and post-racial outlook. “We’re all getting together. We’re all mixing it up,” he laughs.

If you’re not familiar with Tara Lynn Wilson, here’s some background info from Wikipedia:

She has appeared in Frame of Mind and Law and Order: Criminal Intent before her romantic partner Chris Noth joined the cast. The couple began dating in 2004, after meeting at Noth’s New York music venue, The Cutting Room. Wilson and Noth have one child, Orion Christopher Noth, born on January 18, 2008.

Check out an excerpt from the full interview with Noth: