“People call me a punk and [think] I’m running from a fight. I don’t give a damn. I don’t think it’s cute to see grown ass women fighting each other, I don’t. I’m 40-years old.”

–Claudia Jordan

*All we can say is, you’d better think twice before messing with former model, radio personality and upcoming everything else, Claudia Jordan. She might not punch you physically, but she will kick your butt verbally.

“It was four, three things she did before I even reacted and said that,” Claudia Jordan tells EURweb publisher Lee Bailey, who grilled her about the now highly publicized red carpet altercation she had with the mother of Omarosa Manigault.

“When you’re at fault would you rather punch someone or say something [they will] chew on and walk away? She knows I know a lot of what’s really going on and that’s what it’s all about.”

Thing is, we’re not sure which comment Jordan is referring to. Was it the “Get out of Michael Clarke Duncan‘s house” comment; or, perhaps it was the one where you referred to her mother as a “monkey face b***?” Just trying to get it straight, Claudia.

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge right? On to other things.

“I’m a producer on this web series that’s called ‘Diary of A Champion.’ It’s a prequel to the movie, ‘The Runner,’ and we’re working on getting financing for that right now. It’s about the track & field world and my character is on steroids and in the battle of the decision, you know, to stay in that and to be  on a higher level performance or to do the right thing and not. So it’s a really good story. You can check it out at We’re having some meetings with some folks and we’re trying to decide if we’re going to make it into a TV show or a movie, we’re not sure.”

Jordan says the director initially wanted it to be a movie, but she suggested it be a TV show, a series instead. The reality TV star also does a travel show with AT&T U-Verse called, “The Buzz Summer of Adventure”; and for folks that have AT&T U-Verse, it can be seen twice a month.

“They have me doing crazy things like parasailing right on top of sharks, jumping off the Stratosphere Hotel; [and] jumping off of cliffs in the Rocky Mountains. They got me doing a lot of adventurous stuff. A lot of times I’m risking my life!,” she giggles.

When Lee Bailey asks her, “Well who wouldn’t want to hear about that?” after overhearing  Jordan tell another reporter that she was tired of talking about the Mamarosa altercation,  she seemed relieved.

“Well that’s the thing,” she answers, over-the-moon with excitement to get off that other topic. “That’s fun! Like, I want to talk about that! You rarely see Black people; Black women, hosting shows where we get to do adventurous things like that. That’s not usually reserved for us. And I’m proud of that,” she adds.

And it’s not like Jordan has been sitting around on her hands with nothing to do. She was host on “The Real Show,” a movie and DVD review show, and she is building her acting chops. She just signed on to do a new project called “Pick and Roll.”

“It’s about a basketball player who, its very much like Derrick Rose, who fights to get back in the NBA…That’s going to be on the Bounce Network, and that will be on in September. So I’m working! I’m working!”

But there are still projects that Claudia Jordan tells Mr. Bailey she wants to explore.

“I’m looking to get back on the radio, and I’m looking to move to New York. I’ve been approached by people who want to do a reality show on my life. They want to do a dating show with me; and they want to get me married to someone …I don’t know. My mother would love that so we’ll see what happens.”

omarosa momarasa claudia

Omarosa, Momarosa & Claudia

Bailey congratulates her. But then why oh why did the girl have to go BACK to Mamarosa when “Thank you” would have sufficed?

“So that’s what I’m saying. So when I get asked about nonsense (about) a fight with someone on a reality show, you know, a cast-off, that’s really not in the forefront of what I’m thinking about. And actually, to me, its embarrassing. I’m not proud of that. I mean, here I am over here hosting, I was hosting Miss Universe and trying to develop projects and … create more projects for us to work on and the majority of the talk last week was about someone who hit me like ‘that hard’ and ran and that’s silly.”

Now, if you recall, Jordan was actually on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with Omarosa. She had a little something to say about that too. Hinting that her being fired from “CA” may have had more to do with trying to prevent a situation, than not having the stuff necessary to continue on the show; which is generally why people are cast off.

“The funny thing is, the reason why I probably got off ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ so early is because I was against going and fighting with the sister on the show. And then it ends up that way anyway,” she adds. “It’s like, I did everything I could to not fight. I didn’t (inaudible) in the boardroom. I didn’t fight with her on TV, I avoided it. And then after the fact, so, she got her fight. You know what, we used to be friends and a small part of me does still feel bad for her and you’re probably gonna put this on the…internet,” (Yep, we sure will! Please continue, Ms. Jordan ) “I just want to say that I hope what’s eating her up inside, what’s really eating her heart up; its not what she’s telling us, its something else I’m sure. I hope she just resolves what that issue is and she can just drop this ‘wanna be the bitch’, ‘wanna be the diva’, because its not cute. And its not something that people should aspire to be like. Omarosa is an articulate, intelligent woman. She’s supposed to be a minister, too. So just act like it. I’m not asking her to be an angel, but just don’t aspire to be a devil.”

Claudia makes it known that she would have no problem sitting down  with Omarosa and talking things out. She says she does not welcome the feeling of going to an event and things being weird because Omarosa may be there. It’s just not her thing.

“People call me a punk and [think] I’m running from a fight. I don’t give a damn. I don’t think its cute to see grown ass women fighting each other, I don’t. I’m 40-years old.”

And the beat goes on. Omarosa, holla at your girl!