dmx mugshot (07-13)1

*DMX was arrested in South Carolina early Friday for allegedly driving under the influence, according to TMZ. But the rapper’s camp claims that they got the story wrong.

The Yonkers, New York, rapper (born Earl Simmons) was subsequently taken to the Greenville County Detention Center and released within an hour, but he wasn’t charged with drunk driving, his publicist insists.

“Allegations about DMX being arrested for drunk driving are false. He was arrested early this morning but quickly released. X was given a breathalyzer test and easily passed it,” the MC’s rep told MTV News in a written statement, adding that the rapper was charged with driving without a license.

X caught the same suspended license charge back in February after a South Carolina officer pulled him over in his 1978 Buick and arrested him. “No, I didn’t have a license … put the cuffs on me; brought me here. I paid the money. Basically, just five hours wasted for nothing,” he told a local Fox station after the February arrest.

“He is back at his home in South Carolina and we are continuing our focus on his upcoming album and acting roles,” his rep told MTV News.