enrichment conseling center*(Inglewood, CA) — Enrichment Counseling Center (ECC) presents “Making Parenting a Pleasure (MPAP),” a free interactive 13 week workshop that focuses on helping parents/caregivers improve their parenting skills and strengthening their support network. It is open to everyone and ideal for single, new, and young parents, as well as their caregivers, grandparents and teachers. This court approved course also helps parents regain custody of their children.

Parenting workshops are held every Thursday at 7:30pm, beginning August 1 and continues through September 2014. English and Spanish workshops are available and will take place at 319 E. Kelso Street, Inglewood,CA. Please note that child care will not be provided.

The curriculum centers first on the need for self-care and personal empowerment and uses discussion and experimental activities in a group format. Courses offered include stress and anger management, listening skills, verbal communications, challenging behaviors, child development and discipline from infants to teens.

The mission of ECC is to promote and provide deliberate, creative educational programming that emphasizes  a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, wellness and self-help.
ECC is committed to serving the physical, spiritual, and mental needs of the community.



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