chris brown nike inspired lamo*Chris Brown’s got a new fancy paint job that might turn a few heads in the streets.

Inspired by his camouflage Nike Foam Pros, his ride now looks like it’s ready for street battle.

The singer is known for his outrageous sense of style and art, frequently using unique canvases.

And he’s time and time again, impressed us with various versions of a classically popular Lambourghini. Check out his years past paint jobs.

Chris Brown lambo 3

Chris Brown Lambo 2 Chris Brown Lambo

Although camo hasn’t always been pulled off well in a long while, we think it could work for the rest of the sizzling summer. So we put together a few items to help pull off the look, totally inspired by Chris Brown’s latest Lambo update

We went a-hunting and searching and found a few items that might tickle your camo-fantasies. Our favorite item, AllSaints Lucille Leather Skirt starting at $320. Durable, great for most seasons, this skirt will hug those curves like a Lambo turning a racetrack. Paired with a bright red lace top from Macy’s or an American Apparel’s lacy bustier is perfect to keep the look classy, sexy and summery.

And of course the shoes have to be on point.

AllSaints steals the show again with the brand’s quarter ankle open toe Manefest boots. Again, a great shoe for summer. Your look could not be complete without a touch of red on those sexy lips. Try Lime Crime Lipstick in ruby red. It’s hot!

AllSaints Lucille Leather Skirt $320

AllSaints Lucille Leather Skirt $320

American Apparel white lace bustier $40

American Apparel white lace bustier $40

Macy's Sleeveless Lace Top $69

Macy’s Sleeveless Lace Top $69

AllSaints Manifest Boot $335

AllSaints Manifest Boot $335 Red Kiss Jada Camo Pumps $78.90 Red Kiss Jada Camo Pumps $78.90





Lime Crime Lipstick

Lime Crime Lipstick