mike tyson*Retired boxer Mike Tyson has decided he wants some more ring action. Just not inside it. He’s scratching that itch by starting a boxing promotion company, so says ESPN.

“I thought about it, I talked to my wife [Kiki] about it and we thought we wanted to do it,” Tyson said in an interview with ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights” about his Iron Mike Productions. “I feel so awesome to be involved with the game again. That just feels so awesome.”

Tyson, who hasn’t fought since 2005, worked out a deal with with Florida-based promotional company Acquinity Sports and changed its name to Iron Mike Productions. The first bit of business for the sorta new entity is set to take place Aug. 23. It will feature junior-lightweight champion Argenis Mendez defending his title against Arash Usmanee.

kobe bryant & mother (pamela bryant)*Remember all the drama between Kobe Bryant and his mama, Pamela Bryant,  over his merchandise that she wanted access to auction off? Kobe sued her to block the action, but they reached an agreement where he allowed her to  sell around 10% of the memorabilia. Well, the auction went through and lo and behold Pamela done struck Kobe gold!

Well the auction ended Friday night, and according to TMZ, Momz walked away with almost half a million dollahs!

— 2000 NBA L.A. Lakers Championship ring:  $165,889.80
— 2000 All Star ring:  $52,854
— Kobe’s used H.S. Uniform: $48,048.15
— Kobe’s used Lakers jersey: $7,938.45 (less than the H.S. jersey, shockingly)
— Kobe American Flag Adidas Sneakers: $7,216.25

A lot more was sold.  All in all the items raked in $450,000.