sheree fletcher*Sheree Fletcher is not just Will Smith’s ex wife and a star on the reality show “Hollywood Exes,” she is also a First Lady of her church with a reputation to uphold.

“There are some saved folk that don’t think church and show business go together in any way, shape or form. You have to respect people’s opinions, but I refuse to live my life letting other people put me in a box,” she recently told Juicy magazine. “This is something that I feel that I am supposed to be doing.”

It is expected for the wife of a minister to be judgmental towards others, namely the co-stars of “Hollywood Exes,” but Sheree utilizes a “to each his own” mentality. She applied that same thought process when asked of feelings on fellow First Lady, Meagan Good, and her interesting choice in wardrobe at the BET Awards recently.

“I think the dress was a little low and that wouldn’t be a choice that I would make for me at this stage of the game in my journey, but you live and you learn. It was ironic that the award she was presenting was a gospel category,” said Sheree who described Meagan as “gorgeous” and “beautiful.”

Sheree feels that her role on “Exes,” along with her co-stars, doesn’t add to the negative depictions we often see of Black women on television given that they usually keep their disagreements strictly verbal.

“The common denominator is that we’ve had the same experience. We were all married to these very famous men. I think that common experience created a common bond and a sisterhood, more of a community of women coming together with like experiences and supporting one another,” she explained.

Sheree is joined on the cast by Andrea Kelly, Nicole Murphy, Jessica Canseco, Mayte Garcia and newcomer, Shamicka Lawrence.

Sheree said Shamicka’s addition to the group has been pretty smooth.

“There were little kinks along the way and that’s gonna happen when you meet new people, but you have to establish your boundaries and let them know what’s okay for you and what’s not okay—but for the most part, she fit right in,” said Sheree.