omar benson miller*For at least five years, people have been continuing to wonder if actor Omar Benson Miller is related to Forest Whitaker.

Though the physical resemblance can’t be denied, the two are not related. It was back in 2008 that the “CSI: Miami” actor cleared up the rumor with Chris Yandek of that he was not related to the Oscar winning actor.

Omar provided an update in his latest interview with Chris almost five years later at Irie Weekend in Miami. He also shared a possible resolution to end the Forest Whitaker confusion:

“I don’t know what to do. And you know what? I can even deal with related to. Nowadays people in Miami seem to think I am Forest Whitaker which is even more disheartening. I don’t know how we switch it. … I think somehow or another people need to see us together in the same room and I think that would help dispel the rumors. Otherwise they think we’re one person.”

The actor will be appearing in a movie with Jason Statham and James Franco later this year titled “Homefront.” He says this about the role:

“That was great. This is the first time you’re gonna see me get to my action hero action. It’s gonna be fun and Jason’s great to work with. Sylvester Stallone produced that one and wrote it and that was incredible to work with him and get to meet him and for him to select me and the director of that film directed me in The Express so it’s cool. It was a great shoot. We were down in New Orleans.”

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omar benson miller & chris yandek

Omar Benson Miller & Chris Yandek